A consistent schedule

Dogs instinctively know to keep an eating and sleeping area clean. You can use this to your advantage when house breaking your dog. It will not happen over night however your dog can be house broken in a very short time with good management and consistency.

A really good way to start puppy training in the home is the use of a crate. Dogs are natural den lovers, most dogs accept the crate quite readily, ease the process of introducing your puppy to it by making sure good things happen in there. A crate provides an area of security where your puppy will feel safe, it also as a result, will create a safe place for your puppy to be when you cant be around.

Provide a predictable routine

Dogs are creatures of routine and habit. Your daily routine is all about observation and consistency. You are safe to assume that anytime your puppy stops eating, chewing, playing or sleeping - he needs to go to the toilet. And when he's got to go- he's got to go right now! He has no ability to 'hold it'.

Pay attention so you learn to recognize the signs may include sniffing the floor, circling, pacing, whining, and staring at you or even sneeze. As soon as you see a sign, ask him "do you want to go out?" carry or escort him to the door, repeating your command a few times.
Accompany him to 'potty area' every time, both to praise and reward and to make sure he actually goes. Be as boring as possible (ignoring his attempts to play and explore) for up to 10 minutes. If and when he goes, provide lots of praise and reward your puppy. If he doesn't go bring him back inside under close supervision or in his crate for 20 minutes, then try again.

Physical control comes very quickly, you will notice one day that your puppy can wait until after breakfast or suddenly can wake from a nap and not have to urinate immediately. However, you can prevent your puppy learning to 'hold it' by taking him out too frequently. After he is 12 weeks old try to stick to scheduled trips to prevent mistakes. Adjust your routine as your puppy physically matures.

Supervision means that your puppy doesn't have the opportunity to urinate in some hidden locations. If he is out of the crate, he has to be where someone can see him and interrupt him if he is about to make a mistake - use stair gates, and tethers to keep him in view.

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