Alphapet Veterinary Centre

Parasitic worms infect most cats and dogs at some time in their lives, and many of them can affect your families' health too. This is why it is important to worm your pets regularly; once a month until they are six months old and then four times a year for the rest of their lives.

It is best to bring your pets into see us, especially while they are young, for regular weight checks. This ensures the correct dose is being administered for your pet.We provide a free of charge weight clinic run by nurses who are ready to offer advice and tips on maintaining an "Alpha" pet!

We recommend that all pets receive a regular flea control product. This is important, as many don't treat their pets under the impression they are flea free. As a result, parasite control in Maidstone is fast becoming a local issue. We try to stress that flea prevention is easier and better for your pets (not to mention more cost effective) then treating an infestation in your home.

Here at Alphapet we offer a wide range of prescription & non-prescription parasite control in Maidstone, ranging from tablets and pastes to injections and spot-ons. Please feel free to call in and talk to one of our nurses, who can help you chose the product right for your pet.

Please click on the following links to find out more on the parasites that can effect your animals:

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