The purpose of vaccinating is to stimulate an active immune response against various pathogens which affect your pet's health and welfare. Many serious diseases are seldom seen in the UK due to the large numbers of pet owners who routinely vaccinate. It is of great importance that you, as the pet owner, take the responsibility to vaccinate your pet - as advised by your veterinary surgery - in order to maintain the highest possible standards of health and to also prevent the spread of diseases to other animals.

This section of our site allows you to scroll down this page and allocate the type of pet you own. Each animal species section includes information on diseases which may affect your particular pet, symptoms of disease, health risks and vaccination availability.

Why is Alphapet Veterinary Surgery pro regular pet vaccinations in Maidstone? Unfortunately there are prevelant diseases, in Maidstone, that affect unvaccinated cats, dogs and rabbits which can result in the animal being euthinased. If not caught early even the animals that recover from diseases can continue to have ongoing symptoms and become carriers which can spread the disease to others. Vaccinating your animal not only prevents him from contracting "flu", it also reduces the chances of him becoming a carrier that can spread it to other pets.

Here at Alphapet Veterinary Centre we think that vaccinations in Maidstone should be considered a "must do" when owning a pet as prevention is always better (and generally cheaper!) than cure.
For all pet vaccinations in Maidstone please contact the veterinary surgery on 01622 688557

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